Webtures has helped every student alot…it provides a quick overview of the subject by its precise notes.. It helps save money and time…thanks for the help and good work guys…


Bhavika Nihalani

Arranging the notes in the last moment always used to be a big headache.

My webtures have helped me to find all the notes at one place!
It is very easy and convenient to get all the material of different subjects. Moreover it saves time and money both.
Great job team webtures!

Almira Malek

MY WEBTURES…the name itself is synonymous to ‘comfort’ or ‘easiness’ for students!! 😅
It’s really difficult to compile all the notes of different subjects and that too from different photocopy centres, but thanks to webtures for making our lives so easy
A small token of thanks and much love to the whole team!
Good luck guys!😀

Harshita Karamchandani

I appreciate the great efforts and its been of a wonderful help to me.
You guys have done a great job so far. I would love to see the progress of webtures in near future. 🙂

Thanks and Regards

Pooja Devnani

Thankyou webtures for making it easy and simple way of studying. It helped me in saving time and facing burden of last minute collecting of notes.
The content was very much precise and well explained.
Great job team webtures

Ayushi Patel

The best one could do. One stop destination for all the compiled notes. Webture has freed from piling up of printed notes and lessened the burden at the time of exams. Timely and exact update of the content has helped me go through this mid sems with ease.
Gratitude to the WEBTURE TEAM.

Tridha Mehta

Webtures made our burden to collect n synchronize notes much , much easier and the notes are very easy to understand without any complications. Great work.

Aarushi Soral

Sometimes or we can say every time its a headache for students to collect notes from different sources which lead to our wastage of energy and money both.
but this website has saved our time as well as money by keeping all the notes at this particular page.
During exam it made helpful to us as we can just read any subject at any time .
The team which is behind this web page has done a great job 👍👍 .

Rahul Pareekh

My webtures has simply made our life easy. We do not have to go through the trouble of collecting notes from various places anymore. It is a time and money saving concept. Concept clarification is much better and reading for exams has never been this easy. I can not thank webtures enough for taking the initiative.

Sakhi Rao

The easiest way to get all the subject material at single place is My Webtures. It helped me a lot during the mid semester that I get all the answers point to point. My Webtures is 24×7 library for me which I can carry any where.
Good job & keep it up.

Devansh Vyas