This article of THE HINDU is about the crisis in the MARAWI city which lies in the southern part of Phillipines. There is a seige going on in Marawi since the late May, this is when the government started to take down the heavily armed militants in this region. These militants have links with the Islamic State.

The President Mr. Rodrigo Duterte had imposed the martial law in the part of insland for 60 days. The deadly battle has observed around 300 deaths as reported by the local news agencies. Rodrigo Duterte’s current mission to wipe out the militants also has a mission to kill Isnilon Hapilon. Isnilon was declared as the emir to the Caliphate in the southeast Asia by Abu Bakar Al Bagdadi in 2016.

The reason for this seige, many blame the political leadership to be ignorant to the rise of IS in the region, and especially Mr. Duterte’s rejection to the ceasefire offer from the Mautte group. Mautte group is now on the front line of this battle.

200,000 residents have fled from this area which has made this place an urban battlefield. But there are still residents living in this region which makes the mission more deadly.

One must know that this siege is not just a matter of concern for Phillipines but also other nations.  Indonesia fears that the IS might even enter its borders through the waters that are poorly guarded between itself and South Phillipines. Singapore is also portrayed as the next target of the IS, in their videos and and jihadist publications. One must know that there have been two foiled try by the IS in Singapore.

Duterte’s war on drug, the agenda behind his government, indicates that his concerns for this battle are to bring this battle to quick and decisive end, and may be to even resume negotiations with the groups that had promised to end these deadly acts. Making it a different nature of the same beast in Phillipines and USA (Trump finds similarities in his and Duterte’s government,in fighting Islamic Extremists ). Moreover the US military has no base in Phillipines now, though advice is been given by US military personnels.

To read the article published in THE HINDU CLICK HERE


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