Procedure, method ad rules are in the form of standing plans for providing guidelines for taking actions pertaining to different matters in an organization. These standing plans once established continue for long time.


  •  Procedure is a series of related task that make up a chronological sequence and the established way of performing the work to be accomplished. Procedures are set up for different activates and cover the entire organization, example: there can be a procedure set on how board of directors take a particular decision. Procedures are set up for different levels pertaining to how they will be executed. Procedures also cut across various functional lines in an organization, example: a procedure may describe about how a sale order can be executed so that all the departments get information automatically about the execution of order.


  • method is one step of procedure. It can be defined a prescribed manner for performing a given task with adequate consideration to the objectives, facilities available. A method is normally confined to one department and usually to the efforts of one individual who is engaged in a specific work. Determination of the method to be employed in a given situation depends upon managers’ experience, knowledge and creativeness. There are various efforts made in the organization to simplify the methods for better efficiency.


  • A rule is a prescribed guide for conduct or action which is established and utilised in order to inform the employees of conditions under which the designated activities are to be performed, for example “The office opens at 8 am”, “smoking is prohibited in the company premises”. This rule does not allow any deviation from the stated course of action. Thus, it is said that “A rule is a rule whosoever is covered under this”. Rule brings rationality in the behaviour of organizational members and is a form of communication for acting in a particular way which is helpful in completing the tasks and contributing in goal attainment.

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