1. They are concerned with long term direction of the company.
  2. They are concerned with the scope of an organization activities example- products, areas, regions, etc.
  3. Strategic decision are about attaining some advantage over competitors.
  4. It can be seen as the search for strategic fit with the business environment. This could require major resource changes for an organization in the future.
  5. It can be seen as creating opportunities by building on the organizations resources and competences. Thus, it is concerned with exploiting the strategic capability of an organization.
  6. It is not only affected by environmental forces and strategic capability but also by values and expectations of those who are powerful in the organization.
  7. Strategic decision have major resources propositions for an organization. These decisions may be concerned with possessing new resources organizing others or reallocating others.
  8. Strategic decisions deal with harmonizing organizational resources capabilities with the threats and opportunities.
  9. Strategic decision deal with the range of organisational activities. It is all about what they want, the organization to be like and to be.
  10. Strategic decisions involve a change of major kind since an organization operates in ever changing environment.

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