The tree topology combines the characteristics of linear bus and star topology. It consists of groups of star configured work stations connected to a linear bus backbone cable. The tree topology allows for the expansion of ten existing network and enables organization to configure a network to meet their needs.


  1. In network where star and bus topology are not implemented for the reasons related to scalability, tree topology is the best alternative.
  2. Here we divide the network into segments which can be managed and maintained.
  3. Error detection and correction is easy in each segment but it is difficult to detect fault if the backbone cable is damaged
  4. Each segment is provided a dedicated point to point wiring to the central hub. If one of the segments is damaged, the others are not affected by this damage.


  1. If the back bone cable is damaged the entire network is crippled.
  2. As more and more nodes and segments are added, maintenance becomes difficult
  3. Scalability of the network depends upon types of cable used.

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