In mesh topology every device has a dedicated means that the link carried traffic only between the two devices it connects.


(n-1) link for each node.

Total number of link [n (n-1)/2].

All nodes are full duplex.

If there are ‘n’ nodes in a network

(1) There are (n-1) links associated with each node.

(2) The total number of links in the network would be [n (n-1)/2] for full duplex transmission mode.

To accommodate [n (n-1)/2] links every device on the network must have (n-1) input output ports to be connected to the others (n-1) stations.


  1. The use of dedicated links guarantee that each connection can carry its own data load thus eliminating the traffic problems that can occur which links must be shared by multiple devices.
  2. If one link becomes unusable it doesn’t incapacitate the entire system.
  3. When every message travels along is dedicated line only intended recipient sees it. The provides privacy and security
  4. The point to point links makes fault identification and fault isolation easy.


  1. Because every device is connected to every other device, installation and reconnection are difficult.
  2. Because of the same reasons, scaling or expanding the network becomes difficult.
  3. The hardware required to connect each link (input/output ports and cable) can be expensive

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