This article by Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, for the Project Syndicate explains why the BREXIT can be disastrous for UK and EU. One must know that PM Theresa May invocated Article 50 on 29th of March 2017. Which means formally starting the process of withdrawal of UK from the European Union. PM Theresa May has signaled the free movement of citizens untill the BREXIT happens and on the other hand EU has agreed to discuss future trade agreements meanwhile. 

It is believed by many experts that the result of these talks would be disastrous for both the parties, the reason being that EU and UK both have competing logics, which means that they want to establish supremacy in front of each other in terms of negotiation. The PM believes that certain things are above money where as the British people who want BREXIT to happen want EU to have the exact opposite priority. That is, having short term economic goals over politics.

However, both the sides are politically driven which can make the situation worst.

Mark Leonard describes the situation by saying that, “The UK and EU are now locked up in a dangerous dance that may well continue untill time runs out”. He even says that the situation might get worst to that extent that UK might not totally leave the EU but might actually fall out of the EU.
To read the original article by Mark Leonard for the Project Syndicate, click HERE


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