Business model converts innovation to economic value for the business. It describes how a business positions itself within the value chain of its industry and how it intends to sustain itself that is, to generate income.

Reasons for success of Flip kart:

  1. Understand the Indian market better.
  2. Very good logistics and before time delivery.
  3. Very easy navigation.
  4. Good customer services.
  5. Benefit of discount passed on to the customer.
  6. External environment is favourable.
  7. Payment options.

Dimensions of strategic decision making (*)

  1. Strategic issue require top management support.
  2. They require a large amount of firm resources.
  3. Strategic issue affect the firm’s long-term property.
  4. Strategic decisions are future oriented.
  5. It has multifunctional consequences.
  6. It requires consideration of the firm’s external environment.

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