• Vision – It needs to be meaningful with the long term perspective so that it can motivate people even when the organization is facing odds. Thus it has to be a motivation which keeps the organization moving forward.
  • Mission – It is the founder’s intention or the purpose- “what they want to achieve”. It must be re-examined and rephrased periodically.
  • Values – It is manifested in how a group operates, and what it does as a group. Vision, values and mission are the focus and context of the organization. Together they form a hierarchy. The vision leads to the mission and its values and the mission in turns leads to the objectives of the firm.


Benefits of vision statement 

This can be taken as an example of the vision statement:

  • Britannia-“Every third Indian must be a Britannia consumer by 2004”.
  • GE-“To me quality and excellence means being better than the best… if we aren’t the better than the best, we should ask our sellers “what will it take?”, then quantify the energy and resources to get there.”
  • ITC-“Either we become world class or we leave the business.”


  1. Basis for performance- Vision statement is a description in words that develops similar picture in the minds of each member of the organization of the path and the destination. A clear vision is critically essential for high performance.
  2. Reflects the core values- It should be built around core values and the people within it. The statement must be designed to orient the group’s energies towards the core values and serve as a guide to action. It is meant to inspire challenges, motivate, arouse a strong sense of organization and purpose, build pride and strike a balance between the value systems.
  3. Way to communicate- A well communicated vision statement will bring the workforce together and galvanize people to act.

Vision and Mission statements

  • Apple

Vision – Man is the creator of change in this world as such he should be above the system and structures and not subordinate to them.

Mission – We believe in the simple, not the complex

  • Google

To provide access to the world’s information in one click.

Difference between Vision and Mission

1. The essence of vision is a forward looking view of what an organization is to become in future. The essence of the mission states what the organization is and why it exists.
2. Vision emphasis the long term concept of the organization with high level of achievement. Mission deals with how the organization will interact with various stake holders, products/services it offers and the way they will be offered.

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