• Event products generally include a combnation of goods and services and so provide a challenge for those involved in event marketing. Some industries market products without a service component, for example, soft drinks where the focus would be on the product. In marketing computer equipment, however there would be goods and services aspects of the product that might include hardware and back up service. On the other hand, when marketing something purely intangible, such as “come for the atmosphere” or “do you just want to have fun?”there is a large service component. In some respects it is far more difficult to market something that customer cannot take home for physically consume
  • The first feature of services marketing that makes it challenging, then, is it’s intangibility. Another feature of services marketing is that there is a higher degree of variability in the service provided comma as well as in the response to the service provided. The service and the service provider are also distinguished by there inseparability. In other words, as an event organiser, you are very reliant on your staff, performance, and athletes to meet the needs of the audience. You have wireless quality control then you would over tangible goods unless your training is first rate.
  • ┬áIn summary, the three features of services marketing are the following:
  1. Intangibility, such as fun, entertainment, information.
  2. Inseparability, such as the usher’s service approach to the customer when product and provider are inseparable.
  3. Variability, such as different levels of service provided by different usher or different responses from two or more customers to the same experience.
  • There is one final important consideration for the event marketer. Restaurant in a good location can rely on a level of passing trade. So, two, can a General Store. This is not the case with an event, has the decision to attend or not attend is generally made shortly before the event and is irrevocable. If a customer decides not to attend, revenue to the event organiser is completely lost. This is not the case for the restaurant on A shopkeeper, who may see the customer at a later date. And event, whether it is one time or an annual event, is highly perishable. Unsold tickets cannot be put out on a rack at a reduced price.

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