In the final analysis, the marketing efforts need to be analysed in terms of marketing mix point. In other words, where’s the event positioned well, price do well, promoted efficiently and distributed through different channels efficiently? All these factors must work together if success is to be the outcome.


The question to ask “was the choice of event appropriate?” and “was it positioned correctly in terms of competition?” For example 14 Heritage tour on the food and wine festival in a small town when there was already and oktoberfest at the larger town nearby.


Pricing for an entertainment event is very tricky. It depends on the size of the potential audience and the selected venue. If the ticket price is too high and if the featured artist is not as popular as expected, then the half empty venue will result in a dismal financial outcome. Pricing of food and beverages items is also an important consideration, because customer become annoyed if markup is excessive.


Promotional activities need to be chosen carefully and timed efficiently. Promotion is a costly exercise, radio and television advertisements being two of the most expensive. Overall, the most cost efficient methods of promotion are feature articles in local newspapers and banners. Many events are promoted by tourism bodies and by tourism information offices at minimum cost. And increasingly, the Internet is being used as a source of information by the event audience find


Tickets can be distributed as a part of package tours, through ticket sellers, or at venue. This arrangement contrasts, for example, foods that are imported for sale and ultimately consumed by the customer at home. The effectiveness of the channels through which and event is promoted and sold is a crucial aspect of its success.


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