• Empirical evidence since the 1950s indicate that aches and ailments tend to mushroom after retirement and death looms larger than ever. Once busy people who couldn’t spare any “time to kill” find all the time on  their hands, which is killing literally and figuratively. As the adage goes : An idle mind is devil’s workshop. It is also a workshop for atrophy and disease of the body, mind and spirit, since any faculty that isn’t used rapidly deteriorates.
  • To pre-empt quicker aging retired people should being a second innings by learning a new skill or cultivating a hobby. One should try painting, some form of craft, learn a foreign language or being a collection philately and numismatology (coins), deltiology (picture postcards) or anything else that enthrals you.
  • Those not interested in picking up a new hobby could revive past flames and we aren’t thinking the opposite sex! Writing, cooking, gardening, flower making, listing to music, singing, maintaining a fish tank or doing anything that is relaxing and enjoyable would qualify as a hobby. One of the most soothing and rewarding hobby is maintaining a fish tank. As an element of  relaxation nothing beats water. It is natural, soft, transparent and not just it’s sight, but even the sound of trickling sound of water soothes frayed nerves. And if there are exotic and colourful fish in the tank, it adds joy of the experience.
  • “Hobbies help us versatile, redefine focus and allow one to indulge in activities that are heath-stimulating in nature” said dr. Chugh
  • Go ahead and discover the hobby of your life.

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