The never ending Tragedy – The Hindu

  • This article is about the chemical attack that happened in the Idlib’s Khan Sheikhoun on 5th April 2017. 72 people were killed in this chemical attack. The activists and western governments have claimed the regime used chemical agents in Khan Sheikhoun.
  • One must know that it has been six years of sufferings for the Syrian people. This chemical attack is not only a barbarism in the Syrian Civil war but also breach of the international agreement. If the claims of the activists and western government are right then one must know that this is a war crime. The jihadists and the regime have been fighting and all the actions by the Bashar Al- Asad government have been covered under their reason of fight against terrorism. One must also know that in 2013, Sarin attack in Damascus lead to killing of hundreds and this incident was also blamed on the regime. Then Russia and U.S. had agreed to remove Syria’s chemical stockpiles. Then 1,300 tonnes of chemical agents were shipped out of Syria and then were destroyed. If the chemical agents were removed out from Syria then the regime must have either hidden stock or started production of chemical agents, then only the regime can conduct such chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun.
  • The suffering of the people of Syria is such that in six years more than 4, 00,000 people have died due to civil war and millions have been displaced. Regime has been blamed many times. One should know that with the violence continuing unabated and the Assad regime not showing any real interest in settling the crisis, even hopes for the peace and normal life look surreal.

    To read the original the Hindu article Click here


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