She isn’t impure: Menstruation taboos disables India’s daughters – TOI

  • This article is about the certain customs and traditions of the Indian culture that needs to be firmly dumped into the dustbin because certain beliefs and customs like considering a girl in her menstruation as impure, is crushingly oppressive.
  • M M Hassan, acting president of Kerala Pradesh Congress committee,last week said  that a menstruating women is impure and must not enter a temple. Such statements shows the prevalence of old customs that restrict the girls from entering places of worship.
  • After his statement, people protested and one must know that delivering such statements hampers not only the health of an individual but also of the society.
  • When a girl is in the menstruation period, the parents must talk to her and acknowledge her about her body. Such support is necessary to make her stronger. Just imagine how weakening the statements would be for a girl.
  • We must all condemn such statements and beliefs. And we must junk all such oppressive Taboos. Embrace knowledge and freedoms instead.

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