Ten German Bombers – live Mint

  • This article is about what happened last week when Germany hosted a friendly match with England at the German city of Dortmund. The Signal Iduna Park, the stadium where the match was held might not be as famous as Wembley in London, Camp Nou in Barcelona or Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid, to those who do not follow football. But the Signal Iduna Park is indeed considered to be one of the greatest stadiums to play at, not only for European countries but for the world too.
  • This match though just a friendly match but was significant in many ways. First, England had a new Manager who took the opportunity to try out several young players in the national squad. One must know that the last knockout round England won was in 2006 World Cup against Ecuador. Second, one of the most cherished and voted the best young player in 2006, Lukas Podolski had decided to retire after this match. Germany was bidding a farewell to its favourite son. Lukas Podolski is a 31-year-old, Germany’s national squad member who has scored 48 goals in 129 matches and has a 13-year old international career. He will be remembered for his left-foot shot.
  • There is something more to the match that one must know. In the beginning, the England’s anthem was played and the Germans maintained silence. Then the German anthem was played. But now the scenario was different, many English football fans started booing. This wasn’t it, then they started to sway their hands like an Aeroplane. One must know that this action is highly criticized by many Football pundits and even the football governing body FIFA. This action accompanies with the very controversial song “TEN GERMAN BOMBERS”. Then some of the English football fans even started to sing this song.
  • The song TEN GERMAN BOMBERS song is a song that is sung by the people of England, which plots a scene, there were 10 German Bombers and the Royal Air Force (RAF) of England shot one of them down. Then the RAF shot the another German Bomber. And one by one all the 10 German Bombers were shot down by the RAF.
  • There goes a saying THE VICTORS WRITE THE HISTORIES, but here the situation is such that the victor is refusing to move on. The English Football governing body used to dissuade travelling fans from singing this song when the match is against Germany. But the real situation is that the sense of history of a particular group of people remains outdated and sclerotic. If one walks through any popular book store in UK, he could be forgiven for thinking that noting of historical value has happened from World War 2 to 2017. Shops are filled with books, magazines, coffee-table behemoths, DVDs, posters and toys that all hark back to WW2.
  • Mr.Shashi Tharoor rightly points out that the young British children aren’t taught about the aftermath of the collapse of the empire. This lack of knowledge pertaining to the structural changes EU has gone through should not be there.
  • However, the match ended and the Germans were at last pleased to experience once more the left foot thunderstorm of Podolski. And last week itself the PM May initiated the proceedings to leave EU.

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