Stop this racism: Zero tolerance policy needed towards attacks on African Students in India – TOI

  • This article is about the increase in racial attacks on the African students in Greater Noida and UP. The situation is getting out of control. Recently, a protest march was carried on due to death of a 16-year-old boy, allegedly from drug overdose, targeted four African students and assaulted them. The other incident is of a Kenyan student, she was dragged out of her taxi and was beaten up.
  • This is a serious situation because if India is not able to stop such racial attacks in its own country then it cannot have a stand on similar international issues when such attacks are target on Indians. This happens to be another important task, to curb such attacks in UP, for Yogi Adityanath. There is an urgent need of Zero-tolerance policy for such racially intended attacks in Noida and UP.
  • Though the police have filed cases against nearly 600 people for rioting and booked 44 people in such cases, but still this has been not enough to stop these attacks. There has been a protest from the African officials on this issue and the external ministry has assured to take strict action on this issue. The government shouldn’t be blamed for every thing, even the citizen should take charge and see to it that the African students who come to India for receiving quality education do not feel vulnerable and unsafe. The widespread ignorance that exists in the minds of the Indian pertaining to the African culture should also be eradicated. The usage of terms like ‘Nigerian’ and ‘habshi’ shows that we are so ignorant about the African culture.
  • Zero tolerance policy in this case is not only needed because the international image of India is at stake but also because this is what India stands for.

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