Powered by a Pause : delay in the Indo-US nuclear deal – The Hindu

  • Today’s article is about the 2005 nuclear deal between India and US that has been still delaying and is expected to delay further. The deal is about setting up six reactors in Andhra Pradesh cost. This project is to be undertaken by the Toshiba owned Westinghouse and NPCIL ( Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Limited ).
  • This long delay has been due to certain unavoidable reasons. The furthermore delay will be because of the near bankruptcy situation of Westinghouse. The other reason is that Japan may ratify its deal with India.
  • The situation of Westinghouse is similar to other global players like Areva ( in partnership with Mitsubishi), Russian supplier Rosatom’s Kudankulam and this is because the nuclear industry has been witnessing that the cost overruns the delivery delays.
  • This present situation has made the target of the government to start the operational work of these six nuclear reactors in Andra by June 2017, less achievable. Moreover the government has less to do in this situation but this can be seen as an opportunity. Mean while during this delay the government can focus on re-examining the country’s engagement with nuclear industry and energy for future needs.
  • Moreover there are other issues that the government can devote its time into, like the reactors to be set up by the government on the Andra coast pose a threat from tsunami conditions, solution to this should be made out. The government has a target of setting up of 55 reactors of 63,000 MW in total by 2035.

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