Education must be left to domain experts and not to RSS- Hindustan Times

  • The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ( RSS ) is a well known cultural organization. It has been taking an active part in education field by collaborating with experts in this field. Every body can contribute to education and advice the government to bring changes so that the value of education can be enhanced.
  • But it doesn’t seems to be a similar case with RSS, according to this article in Hindustan Times. This article showcases the problem students might face after passing from schools and colleges. The leftist influence of RSS might bring in changes to education that would add no value to the education.
  • In Rajasthan, mythical stories were added to the curriculum. But what is the use of such education where the student would not be having knowledge to perform his job? He will not be offered jobs and hence such education would turn out to be useless. One must not forget India is the country that has a youth population.
  • The step taken by RSS should be focused on increasing value of the education in real sense and not according to ideologies.

Education should be left to domain experts, not the RSS –


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