Defusing air rage – The Hindu

  • This article is about a recent incident that happened on the Air India flight. This incident showcases how some politicians bloated with sense of entitlement expect to be treated in a more special way by the public they serve. This incident happened on AI 852 between an Air India official and a MP from Osmanabad, Ravindra Gaikwad on 23rd March 2017. Ravindra Gaikwad wanted to be given a business class seat on an all economy flight and then when the flight landed at the Delhi airport he didn’t left the flight. He didn’t leave his seat for an hour and when the official tried to reason with him as the flight had to leave for the Delhi- Goa sector, he told the official that he would talk to only the senior management. R. Sukumar (62), who is with the State-owned airline’s ground handling subsidiary, told him that he couldn’t call the senior management and that he would complain to his higher ups if he didn’t cooperated.R. Sukumar further said that he would even complain to Modiji. Hearing this Gaikwad became violent and started hitting him( Sukumar ) with his scandal. The MP further tried to assault Sukumar by lighting him up and pushing him off the door.
  • Such an assault have taken time to time between AI staff and politicians. The more government feeds AI with tax payers money, the more such politicians feels AI is its handmaiden. The incident of Bihar MLA Happy Yadav misbehaving with a Jet airways woman cabin crew member, MP Within Reddy assaulting AI station manager at Tirupati airport showcase the sense such politicians carry.
  • The AI and other airliners have added Gaikwad to the no-flight list. However such a step is taken in other countries but seems to be first for India. The Government must respect such steps by the airliners that safeguard its employees. However, the SS MP Sanjay Raut told that the party doesn’t accepts such a behavior but also asked a question that what will happen if the public starts blacklisting the airliners? Such a sentence show what mind set these people possess. Moreover Gaikwad was found boasting on TV that he hit the official 25 times with his sandals.
  • Adam Admi Sena was seen supporting the official by holding a slippers and a rose outside the airport a day after.

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