Obscene – Indian Express

  • Today’s article is about the promise Bharatiya Janta Party made of making UP a safer place for women, by setting up the anti – Romeo squad. But as per a recent incident it seems that the government doesn’t really believe in so and is trying to build more gender walls.
  • A young woman and a man, were going in a rickshaw to meet their friends and watch a movie. They were stopped and questioned by the police. The young woman was questioned by the lady Constable and was released later on after a MORAL TEACHING. The man was taken to police station and was further questioned and then released after hours.
  • This is a very serious issue. If such steps by the government are adopted, then it would be difficult for women to go out and would hence push the youth towards past. It is astonishing to see that police cannot make out difference between a molester and an amiable couple.
  • If this squad is aimed to stop eve-teasing then such an act is an act of bullying innocent young people. Moreover,the police itself admitted that the anti – Romeo squad had no legal jurisdiction to stop them.
  • Such incidents not only reveal the working of the government but also pose serious threats to the freedom of the public.

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