Delete freebies: Salaries and allowances for former lawmakers must be at par with the rest of India – TOI

  • Today’s article is about the issue of pensions and allowance given to the MPs and the MLAs. One must see to it that they are the lawmakers of the country and so they get to decide what pay hikes they themselves will receive. These pay hikes are recommended by a Parliamentary Panel. If we see the year 2010 then at that time 300% hike was seen, and last year a 100% hike was recommended by the Parliamentary Panel.
  • The Supreme Court has taken the welcome decision to examine the pensions and allowance given to ex-MPs and ex-MLAs. Allowances to the lawmakers i.e retired lawmakers are unlimited free two-tier class AC travel (with a companion) and first class AC travel (alone) is given. Moreover, ex-MPs are entitled to receive pension as ex-MLAs because the Accounting Office in FM does not have any mechanism to keep track, as revealed in the report of the RTI application in 2014. The taxes used to provide these facilities, pensions and income should have regulatory committee, because these allowances and pensions are irrespective of what is the tenure of the concerned person, the productivity, overall GDP growth. Hence, this poses a serious question as what is the limit of allowances they want?

Emoluments Commission

  • This proposed commission should not only recommend salaries of the MPs and MLAs but it should as been taken check that it should work independently, so that there is transparency and every tax payer must be assured of proper usage of the tax he pays.

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