Factors affecting international business – Political and Legal environment

  • Political and government environment has close relationship with the economic system and economic policy. For example, the communist countries had a centrally planned economic system. In most countries, apart from those laws that control investment and related matters, there are a number of laws that regulate the conduct of the business. These laws cover such matters as standards of products, packaging, promotion etc. In many countries, with a view to protecting consumer interests, regulations have become stronger. Regulations to protect the purity of the environment and preserve the ecological balance have assumed great importance in many countries.
  • Governments specify certain standards for the products (including packaging) to be marketed in the country; some even prohibit the marketing of certain products. In most nations, promotional activities are subject to various types of controls.
  • Certain changes in government policies such as the industrial policy, fiscal policy, tariff policy etc. may have profound impact on business. Some policy developments create opportunities as well as threats. In other words, a development which brightens the prospects of some enterprises may pose a threat to some others. For example, the industrial policy liberalizations in India, particularly around the mid-eighties have opened up new opportunities and threats. They have provided a lot of opportunities to a large number of enterprises to diversify and to make their product mix better. But they have also given rise to serious threat to many existing products by way of increased competitions; many seller‘s markets have given way to buyer‘s markets. Even products which were seldom advertised have come to be promoted very heavily.

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