• Collection of data through schedules:
  • This method of data collection is very much like the collection of data through questionnaire, with a little difference i.e. schedules (Proforma containing a set of questions) is being filled in by the enumerators who are specially appointed for this purpose.
  • These enumerators along with schedules, go to the respondents, put to them the questions from the Performa in the order the questions are listed and record the replies in the space meant for the same in the Performa
  • Enumerators explain the main aim and objectives of the investigation and also remove the difficulties which any respondent may feel in understanding the implications of a particular question or the┬ádefinition or concept of difficult terms.
  • This method of data collection is very useful in extensive enquires and can lead to fairly reliable results. It is however, very expensive and is usually adopted in investigations conducted by governmental agencies or by some big organizations. Population census all over the world is conducted through this method.


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